Fall Fishing in Washington - Adam McKibben

Fall Fishing in Washington

In the Fall of 2016 I was lucky enough to tag along during a commercial salmon fishing run in the Hood Canal, Washington. The trip was only 2 days long, but the amount I learned during those two days by being immersed in this world was incredible. Watching fishermen and women work is like watching a beautiful machine, every person knowing exactly what needs to be done and what their role is and executing that job to complete the whole. It was one of those situations that can look a bit like chaos, until you start to realize how deliberate every task truly is. 

Part of my job was to focus on shooting some lifestyle and product photos for Xtratuf Boots as well as Red Ledge Jackets, so that will give you a better understanding as to why there are a lot of images focused on those things. 

I hope you enjoy!

  • Hauling Gear
  • Night Piles
  • The Hatch
  • Bullet
  • Snowy Seining
  • Getting rained on by jellyfish while salmon fishing.
  • Morning Grind
  • Whatever the Weather
  • Salmon Textures
  • Taking chum salmon out of the net.
  • Herring Pumping
  • Captain Dave
  • Skiff Life
  • Full Bellies
  • Jamie bringing in the net. Shot for Red Ledge Jackets.
  • Deck Dives
  • Piling corks.
  • Deck Days
  • Chummy Boots
  • Early Chores
  • Jamie mending the net at dusk.
  • Bullet piling corks on the Zealot.
  • Cork Battles
  • Bringing in the net while salmon fishing.
  • Fran and Bullet in the early hours of morning on the Zealot.
  • Jamie mending the net.
  • Piling in the Snow
  • Bringing in the net while the Jellyfish drip everywhere.
  • Bullet taking in the morning view of the Hood Canal, Washington.
  • Will Flex for Herring
  • Jamie finding an old surprise chum salmon in the net.
  • Dusk Piling
  • Some of the day's chum salmon catch.
  • Mountainous Piles
  • Bullet piling corks in a rain of jellyfish.
  • Jamie mending the net on the Zealot.
  • Seagull Candy
  • Fran and Jamie mending the net on the Zealot.
  • Jamie bring in the net on the Zealot.
  • Jamie piling the net. Shot for Red Ledge Jackets
  • Jamie working on the net on the Zealot.
  • Alaskan Tennis Shoes
  • Morning on the Zealot.
  • Jamie bringing the net in.
  • Jamie pulling levers on the Zealot.
  • Fran in the wheelhouse of the Zealot.
  • Fran driving skiff for the Zealot.
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